Who We Serve

LPA provides pro bono comprehensive, trauma-informed mental health services – including individual, family, and group therapy – to the Latinx immigrant community in the five-county Philadelphia region. Specifically, we serve those who are unable to access mental health services elsewhere due to lack of legal status and linguistic, cultural, and economic barriers.

Through its service-learning model, LPA provides clinical training and supervision to bilingual volunteer and intern clinicians.

Additionally, LPA provides professional development, consultation, and other forms of training in the community service system, promoting more accessible, culturally informed approaches to care.


LPA maintains a team of bilingual, specially trained individuals who provide clinical services with youth, adults, and families and assist with training, supervision and oversight of the organizational work.


Interns represent master-level social work, psychology and family therapy programs from local universities, and required to be bilingual (English/Spanish) and with a special interest in working with immigrant and refugee communities.


LPA depends upon volunteers who offer assistance in different capacities, enriching the work of LPA by providing clinical counseling, administrative assistance, supervision of interns, development of materials, program development and fundraising.