IMPORTANT: Please read through all of the following information before making a referral!


For individual and family counseling 

To be eligible to receive individual and family counseling services from LPA, immigrant community members must meet two or more of the following criteria: 

  • Spanish/non-English speaking;
  • Lack insurance, legal documents to access counseling services elsewhere; and/or
  • Unable/unwilling to access counseling services in the larger service delivery system due to a variety of other factors. These referrals/requests for support are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For participation in youth programming 

LPA’s youth programming, including school-based groups and Compás de Viaje, are for newcomer youth ages 14-21. Individual youths’ fit for participation will be determined on a case-by-case basis by LPA youth team members depending on age, needs/goals, accessibility, and other factors. When possible, youth should seek permission from a parent or guardian to participate.  

For all other questions or concerns

LPA prides itself on its availability to assist other providers and community members with system navigation, particularly when accessing behavioral health services. We make every effort to be helpful and, through our many partnerships and collaborations, we are often able to assist. However, please note that we cannot accept referrals of individuals or families who fall outside of our criteria.

Referral process

General standards/guidelines

LPA values you as a contact. The first step when making a referral is to schedule a conversation with an LPA representative to discuss the potential referral and to connect with you. We strive to cultivate relationships across the community including with those from whom we receive referrals, so this conversation is particularly important for us.

We ask that you go through the entire referral process with each new referral. Please do not reuse a referral form from a previous referral without contacting us first to discuss the new referral.

Privacy is a priority for LPA. Our referral form—available upon request—asks deliberately for very few identifying details. We ask that you share only the information requested on the form. 

Steps for providers 

LPA accepts referrals from a range of sources, including health clinics, schools, churches, legal and social service agencies, and other community-based providers. 

  1. Read LPA’s eligibility criteria. Please do not refer an individual who does not meet the criteria. If you are not sure, reach out! 
  2. Schedule a conversation with an LPA representative by sending us an email ( or by phone (267-245-0145 or 610-745-1952).
    1. Before making a referral, providers must speak with an LPA representative to ensure understanding of eligibility requirements, goodness of fit for services, and current capacity to provide services. Following that conversation, the provider will be directed to fill out LPA’s referral form, which is emailed upon request, with directions for completion. 

Steps for community members

LPA also receives referrals directly from community members who call us looking for services for themselves or a loved one. When taking calls from community members, LPA staff needs to speak directly to the person (or parent/guardian of the person) to be served and will complete a referral form with the relevant information. 

NOTE: Please contact us by email or phone! Please do not visit our office as our office hours vary and there is no guarantee that an LPA team member will be available.