Clinical Evidence to Support Immigration Applications

As courts reopen and more immigration cases are being heard, we understand that many of our clients are seeking to adjust their immigration status. This process sometimes includes obtaining documentation from a clinician to provide evidence that supports the reasons for migration.  While we want to aid positive outcomes for our clients, LPA is not able to provide these services at no cost, the way we offer our clinical services. 

LPA does not conduct psychological evaluations under any circumstances, nor accepts client referrals with the sole purpose of obtaining this evidence. Only under extreme circumstances will we make ourselves available to testify in court. 

For our existing and former clients, we charge a nominal fee to produce a letter with clinical documentation that can be utilized in immigration proceedings. This fee allows us to continue providing pro-bono mental health counseling to our community, accounting for the additional time it takes LPA staff to ethically and accurately understand and portray clients’ experiences for the purposes of an immigration case.

Please note the following protocol for attorneys requesting supporting documentation for immigration proceedings:

  • All requests and communications must happen directly between the attorney and LPA staff. Under no circumstances we will accept requests coming directly from clients, as this can potentially compromise the client-therapist relationship and invite boundary confusion in a variety of ways.
  • Please do not contact the client’s assigned therapist directly. Contact LPA through its main phone number (267-245-0145) or email ( 
  • If you are representing a client who is looking to start therapy, please schedule a phone call with LPA staff and follow the usual referral process. Referrals will be evaluated for eligibility and fit, and a conversation with LPA does not guarantee acceptance of the referral. 
  • Documentation may take an average of two weeks to be delivered. 
  • Exceptions to the information presented above will be considered on a case-by-case basis, requiring a phone call with LPA staff. 

We appreciate your collaboration and partnership in supporting our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.