In partnership with over 200 different providers across the Delaware Valley and beyond, LPA receives referrals for individuals and families who face barriers to emotional healing due to language, legal and economic constraints.

LPA believes in the right of individuals to seek emotional grounding. We know that individual therapeutic work improves overall functioning and promotes healing and hope for clients and their significant relationships.

Many community members who seek support from LPA come having experienced complicated pre and post-migration challenges. While appreciating these struggles, LPA’s bilingual clinicians also emphasize the strength and resources that each individual brings to therapy. In LPA’s therapeutic work, we rely on our collective years of experience working with the transnational immigrant community as well as the wisdom that community members bring to the therapeutic process. In this way, our therapy is innovative and culturally humble. We strive to be accessible, flexible, and deeply appreciative of the complex lived experiences of our community members.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, interns-in-training, staff, robust community partnerships, and the generous support of our funders and donors, LPA is committed to providing counseling services and supports at no cost to our community members.

To make a referral for LPA’s therapy services, please visit the “Referral Process” page.