Ecuador408-940x400LPA’s root system was established through longstanding partnerships with community-based projects and NGO’s in South America (based out of Quito, Ecuador). Over many years, LPA has been providing ongoing collaborative training and mentoring on topics relating to work with families impacted by trauma, addiction, mental illness, interpersonal and community violence, and the many stressors caused by and resulting in internal and external displacement of family members.CIF-940x400LPA’s international work, through annual “congresos”, has provided a critical socio-political context for its U.S.-based work, as the majority of families served by LPA straddle local and international communities and identities.

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Collaboration as a Site of Personal and Institutional Transformation: Thoughts from Inside
a Cross-National Alliance

Sharon M. Ravitch, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
Cathi Tillman, LSW, Intercultural Coalition for Family Wellness, Philadelphia, PA



“Danielle Children’s Fund is a NGO that works with children in Ecuador at risk of abandonment, negligence, maltreatment and abuse. LPA established a long term relationship with our organization based on collaborative practices, sharing valuable experiences and knowledge, both locally and remotely through SKYPE case presentations. We are very grateful for LPA´s generosity in providing workshops and supervision sessions to family therapists, psychologists and social workers in the Tungurahua region, which have been wonderful opportunities of personal and professional growth, resulting in the co-construction of new realities for many families in Ecuador and beyond.”Helma Von der Hoeven, MFT President- Danielle Children’s Fund Ecuador