Voces de Trabajadoras/Voices of Women at Work (Voces), a partnership between LPA and Friends of Farmworkers, addresses the needs of Latina immigrants across Pennsylvania who have experienced exploitation, sexual harassment, and assault in the workplace.

Latina immigrant workers face alarming rates of workplace abuse, which significantly impacts the emotional, physical, and economic well being of victims and their families. At the same time, cultural, language, and immigration-related barriers prevent victims and their families from receiving the supports they need to overcome and heal from such abuse.

Through Voces, LPA addresses this problem by providing much needed:

  • Healing opportunities, including individual, family, and group counseling for victims and their loved ones;
  • Advocacy and education to provide information on workplace rights and emotional well-being and support victims in accessing existing services;
  • Training to first responders to increase their capacity to provide accessible, trauma-informed, and culturally specific services and strengthen the support systems available to victims in their own communities.

This partnership is funded by the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).

Materials for Community Providers and Members

Here are some resource materials you can download (PDF documents):